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Agapae Boreas – “Isambard”

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Update – March 2017

We are pleased to announce that Coppice Soliloquy had five kittens – a mix of blue, sorrel, and usual colours. They will be available at the end of June.

Update 18th August 2016

We are pleased to announce that Coppice Caribbean Sky had five blue kittens earlier this month – boys and girls – they will be available at the beginning of November. Please get in touch via our Contact Page if you might be interested in having a kitten from this litter.

Update 17th April 2016

We are pleased to announce that Coppice Soliloquy had three usual kittens, they will be available at the end of June.

Update 26th October 2015

We are pleased to announce that Coppice Quicksilver has now found a new home – thanks to all who enquired after her.

Update August 2015

In June, with remarkable consistency, CH Coppice Caribbean Sky gave birth to 4 more Blue kittens! Once again, three boys and one girl, sired by Surfin Tornedo  – “Tawny”. In July, Coppice Soliloquy had a litter of 5 kittens, 2 usual, 1 blue, 1 fawn, and 1 sorrel – all girls.

Update February 2015

On the 7th February CH Coppice Caribbean Sky gave birth to 4 Blue kittens: three boys and one girl, sired by Surfin Tornedo  – “Tawny”. On the 19th February, Coppice Soliloquy gave birth to four kittens also sired by Tornedo: two Sorrel Girls and a Fawn Boy and Fawn Girl.

Feb 2015 - 3

Some of the February 2015 Litters

At just one year old Surfin Tornedo is now a Champion winning challenge certificates at Croydon cat Show, Southern Counties cat Show, Coventry & Leicester Cat Show and Hertfordshire and Middlesex Cat Show. At the Herts and Middlesex Show Imperial Grand Premier Coppice Via Reggio was awarded Reserve in The Olympian  Neuter Class.

Update July 2014

During the last twelve months we have had an exciting time breeding and Showing out cats. Three litters have arrived:

Maud had a litter of five kittens to Gr Champion Brunnbackens Leon in July 2013.

Florence had a single kitten Coppice Soliloquy, sired by Grand Champion Makeitso Hawkeye Pierce, born by Caesarean Section in December 2013.

Sadly shortly afterwards Ron & Barbara told us that Hawk had suddenly died aged six from kidney failure.

Coppice Soliloquy (Solo)

Coppice Soliloquy (Solo)

Coppice Soliloquy is a very loving but laid back usual girl, who is every-ones friend. She is in that in between stage between kitten and young adult.

Maud had a second litter in June 2014, sired by Gr Champion Brunnbackens Leon.

The two kittens a little boy to be called Coppice Linus and his sister Coppice Lagertha are going to a family living in Hertfordshire who have had Abyssinians for more than 25 years.

Coppice Via Reggio is now a Grand Premier and has won his fourth certificate at Imperial level.

Agapae Circe (Florence) has become a Grand Champion and has won her first certificate at Imperial Level.

Coppice Caribbean Sky (born July 2013), mother Coppice Siena, sired by Brunnbackens Leon, has been campaigned at Kitten and has won several Best of Breeds. She is a beautiful, mischievous Blue Abyssinian girl with a mushroom undercoat.

Caribbean Sky

Caribbean Sky

Surfin Tornedo

Surfin Tornedo

Our new boy kitten is Surfin Tornado who has arrived from Jim & Maggie Horner.

Father Grand Champion Naughtypaws Spartacus and mother Champion Crystalpaws Lilacwine.

Tawny is a beautiful kitten who we hope will grow into a beautiful boy.

His temperament is marvelous and he has settled down well with our other cats although his favourites are Maud’s two kittens and his best friend is Solo.

He will be making his Show debut in the near future and may well be available to friends as a Stud.

The Abyssinian…

“One of the most intelligent animals ever created… a very people-oriented cat. Not a lap cat… but a cat that likes to be with people, a cat that wants to know what you are doing – that wants to help. There is probably no breed anywhere more loyal than the Aby.”

Carolyn Osier