Picture of Agapae Boreas

Agapae Boreas – “Isambard”

Warwickshire-based breeders of Abyssinian cats.

Last updated May 2019

Ann & Richard have decided to stop breeding from May 2019 in order to spend more time with their existing cats, some of which will occasionally be shown.

If you are looking for kittens, please visit the Abyssinian Cat Club and Abyssinian Cat Association both of whom maintain lists of available kittens, and from time to time will also be looking for homes for older Abys as part of their welfare schemes.

The Abyssinian…

“One of the most intelligent animals ever created… a very people-oriented cat. Not a lap cat… but a cat that likes to be with people, a cat that wants to know what you are doing – that wants to help. There is probably no breed anywhere more loyal than the Aby.”

Carolyn Osier

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Caribbean Sky