Our cats are…

  • Agapae Boreas – “Isambard” a usual male Abyssinian
  • Agapae Circe – “Florence” our usual Abyssinian breeding queen
  • Tonkyway Polaris – “Merlin” – a blue pointed male Tonkinese
  • Coppice Via Reggio – “Reggie” – usual male Abyssinian (by Florence in 2012)
  • Coppice Caribbean Sky – “Sky” a blue female Abyssinian (by Maud in 2013)
  • Coppice Soliloquy – “Solo” – a usual female Abyssinian (by Florence in 2013)
  • Surfin Tornado – “Tawny” – a fawn male Abyssinian
  • “Gideon” – a blue male neuter
  • Coppice Firefly – “Freddie” – a sorrel male neuter
  • Coppice Han Solo – “Han Solo” – fawn male neuter
  • Coppice Cilla – “Cilla” – sorrel female

Click HERE to see Izzy and Merlin when there were kittens…. Here are some more recent pictures of the family! Click on a picture to view full screen and allow a few moments for the gallery to load. Whilst viewing the gallery press LEFT or RIGHT on your keyboard or click on the arrows at the left or right  of the viewer to change picture. Press ESC or click the X in the top left corner of the viewer to return to this page.

Here are some pictures taken last year: