Links to Useful Websites and Information


Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) – the primary governing body of the Cat Fancy in the United Kingdom, and the oldest cat registration body in the world – the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club.

Abyssinian Cat Club – founded in 1929 primarily to promote the pure breeding of the Abyssinian Cat and is the oldest Abyssinian breed club in the UK

Abyssinian Cat Association – is the UK association for Abyssinian cats. The primary aim of the Association is to promote interest in the owning, breeding, exhibiting and care of all colours of Abyssinian cats.

AbyWorld – About Abyssinians around the world – including the most comprehensive links page!

Russian and Abyssinian Cat Club of Scotland – set up to support breeders and owners of all colours of Russian and Abyssinian cats, building on the network of mutual support that already existed in Scotland and the UK.

Unusual Abyssinians – see beautiful Abyssinian cats in unusual colours and colour combinations


Tonkinese Breed Club – website of the UK Tonkinese Breed Club

Tonkinese Cat Club – encourages the responsible breeding and exhibiting of Tonkinese; to forward and protect the interests of the Tonkinese breed and to encourage the care and protection of all cats.

Mymystic Tonkinese Cats – website of Tonkinese expert, Linda Vousden

Rameses Tonkinese Cats – Julia Craig-McFeely’s extensive site (and a personal favourite of this site’s administrator)

Cat Advice & Services

FabCats – Feline Advisory Bureau – If you love cats, you’ll love FabCats. Just about everything you could need to know, and one of the best cat care and information sites on the web today.

FabCats Links Page – perhaps the most useful and comprehensive list of links you’ll ever need 🙂

Celia Haddon – author and pet agony aunt who is mad about cats!

PetPlan Insurance – remember if taking out PetPlan “For Life” insurance it is critical that you continue the free insurance provided by a breeder otherwise the kitten will not be adequately covered.